Mister Duke McMuffin

Mister Duke McMuffin is a dark brown dog with short legs, tall body, and short head. He is currently 89 laff. He is well known for talking in third person. He has all emotions except Confused. He lives in the Green House. He shares an accunt with Mister Sammie McMuffin.


Toon-Up: Lipstick

Trap: Quicksand

Lure: $10 Bill

Sound: Elephant Trunk

Throw: Birthday Cake

Squirt: Rain Cloud


Jack is dark bluish purple with long ears and a straight tail. He has all tricks.


Duke has 62 fish discluding Devil Ray, Grizzly Baracuda, Concord PB&J Fish, Siamese Cat Fish, All Star Fish, Full Moon Fish, Baby Grand Piano Tuna, and Grand Piano Tuna. He has the gold rod.


Duke currently has 15 flower species. He has the bronze shovel and the huge watering can.


Duke has Building Radar on all Cogs. He is currently a Telemarketer level 3 and a Short Change Level 1.

The InitiativeEdit

Duke joined a group formed by Cool Scooter in June 2012. They like to meet in Daisy Gardens. They also make movies.

The members include:

  • Cool Scooter - Founder
  • Queen Sparklepow - Member
  • Bella - Member
  • Mister Duke McMuffin - Member
  • Perry the Platypus - Member


Duke is usually found in Nutty River, Toon Valley, and Goofy Port. He typically wears a Fourth of July outfit and assorted accessories. Duke is always found with Mister Fluffy McMuffin. Annually, Duke holds a School with Prom in late May.

Best FriendsEdit