Mister Fluffy McMuffin is a tan cat with tall legs, tall body, and short head.
Mister Fluffy McMuffin

Mister Fluffy McMuffin

He was created in 2007. At the moment he has 101 laff. He has all emotions except confused. He shares an account with Mister Monty McMuffin and Mister Leroy McMuffin.


Toon-up: Bamboo Cane

Lure: $5 Bill

Sound: Fog Horn

Throw: Wedding Cake

Squirt: Rain Cloud

Drop: Safe


Smokey is a brown doodle with ears and a straight tail. He has all tricks.


Fluffy currently has 63 fish discluding Grizzly Barracuda, Baby Grand Piano Tuna, Grand Piano Tuna, Full Moon Fish, Old King Crab, Siamese Cat Fish, and Concord PB&J Fish.


Fluffy currently has 35 plants. He has the silver shovel and huge watering can. He is working on seven bean flowers.


Fluffy is normally found on Toon Valley or Nutty River. He is normally wearing a western outfit. While a member, Fluffy is rarely seen without Duke.

Best Friends